Influence and responsibility of the Media, in the moral and ethical decline of our younger generation

by Rafael Francis, Sydney, Australia, 20 Jan 2010


Not just the Media and the Entertainment industries must be held accountable but Industry, Commerce, Parents and Schools.


The subjects have been troubling me greatly for a long time and I was waiting for the day in which I could start elaborating on them to a greater public.


I was presented with the opportunity to do something about these concerns, which was to build a platform from which other concerned people and I can reach most people on the Internet. It will be launched in 3-4 months, it is presently on trials.


This platform is a most advanced web site offering a most wanted and crucial service that can and will affect us all. A service of universal demand continually attempted but never effectively delivered, one that will bring great benefits to its members. The most immediately attractive aspect of the service is that is free of any cost to the user… like a breath of fresh air; it should attract a great number of people!


Among its many advanced and friendly features it has an idea translator program that, as it implies, translates ideas in most languages, not literal translation but the ideas them selves expressed in the understanding or idiom of the particular country or region and essential to our pursuit.  


Searching for support for its launch, I came across the article written by Hanna Mc Lean, “Is There an Increase in Media Pressure on Young Children to Dress and Act Sexually?” which was in accord with much of my thinking. It gave me the motivation to start writing not when we launch the site but before it happens, as from now.


I would like to state my position and intention; this is not a one more writing of one more person expressing views about the woes of our society and discussing how we are going to save the world. I would like it to be the starting point of a concentrated effort carried out by anybody that reads it and has or is able to generate influence and is able and willing to join in, not to make comments, express views and complaints about the system but to propose sustainable solutions and courses of action, not chimerical actions or solutions that are impractical or unrealistic and can never be implemented but practical actions that can be put into operation with a good chance of success.


It is said that great enterprises are the result of 1% of a great idea and 99% work that is what I am proposing here… 99% work to implement all the realistically practical ideas that could come. In other words, if you make a comment and propose a solution, it should be a proposal that you are willing to take responsibility for and make it happen. It does not matter how good a proposal is, only the action to carry it through is what counts.


These paragraphs are a starter of something that could have great repercussions and benefits. Next week I will publish a page which hopefully will catch the attention of a few doers and that something can be started that will grow and produce results.


Thank you for your intertest


Rafael Francis.


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I think what you are hammering on is a very pertinent issue. I tried to prevent my kids and in homes I visit, not to watch certain adult programs, but to my greatest dismay, even their cartoons also have some of the stories that can be easily recognised by this unfortunate generation, we call our kids.

I also think the best way the media can help in rebuilding the ethics and morals of our younger generation, is to search for those programs, which indeed, educates, teaches moral, condemns immorality and proposes morality in its words and actions.

Some TV stations, should be banned completely as well as some movies. I think movies can be trimmed, if not be meant for private viewing sticto senso.

Thank you this is wonderfull indeed!!



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