Hello everybody,

it took me a while to add this post, but here I am.

Well, I'm doing international news for more than 10 years and journalism for 19 years. I'm focused on international affairs, conflicts, security and energy issues. Right now I'm freelancer but for last 19 years I was working or writing for most of major Polish print media outlets, I was morning radio show host for the national broadcaster TokFM and newsroom editor for BBC Polish Service. I have also long term editorial experience, but most of all I was enjoying being reporter and special correspondent. I was working in Far East, Middle East and in Europe. I was covering coup in Philippines in 2001, Khmer Rouge trials in Cambodia in 2000 and 2008. I was traveling through China and covering Asian tsunami in 2005 on Sumatra. I was also working as a correspondent in Iraq twice: in the summer of 2003 and then in 2005. I was also working in Afghanistan in the end of 2009. For last few years I was also covering EU summits and was writing extensively on EU eastern policy and energy security. There is more of this, but it's enough I guess.

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Hi Jakub,

Good to know you. I am Khalid a journalist/ reporter from Lahore, Pakistan with around 6 years of professional experience. I hope interaction with you on this community will  help me understand and learn more about journalism and journalistic practices.

best regards




Hi Khalid, nice to hear from you.


Hello Jacub. You seen to have had the carreer I always dreamed about but never dared to go for. Good for you. I suppose you never had a problem working as a freelancer. In Greece it is somehow understood that freelancers never get paid!!! I dont mean "paid" like experienced journalists but still it is only fair that you get paid for what you do otherwise you never really become a journalist - right?

I have always been moving "around" journalism - published magazines at University and later in my hometown, worked as an international relations coordinator at a left wing political party in Greece and so on. Now, I am an early pensioner and hope to earn some extra money doing what I like and do well.

You can visit my blog to get a taste..: www.fromagreekangle.wordpress.com

Have a good weekend

Katy Nicolatos

Hi, Katy,


Well, freelancing was never easy, and it's even more difficult this days. To be honest I'm considering very seriously some non journalistic job options, where I can take advantage of my professional experience. That's what is happening to the experienced people in this industry right now. I bet a lot of us from all over the world will confirm that. Cheers



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