Hi Everybody,


I have seen many questions in regard to what constitutes human rights offense in matters of violence and nudity in the Media. These are interesting questions but also very difficult to answer because every country in the world has a different level of tolerance in regard to the subject.

Therefore, I am busy writing an article which I hope I will be able to upload soon and make it available for  all our members at Human Rights and the Media and EJC wall.


I know that some of you can't wait that long so I advise you to follow the link here below to start with:



Hope you will all engage in the discussion and start doing your own search and research the issues in your country. I will be glad to get a copy of your local laws, Constitution, etc. I will be also happy to answer your questions individually.





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Nudity iz increasing  in media now a dayz you r all aware about this thing and also you guyz have a look that nudity now in TV shows and mostly in newscasters iz more then before its iz responsibility or news channel that they must take a look on there newscaster's dressing like this



this iz very bad thing in media that thy are not informing us about what happen but it looks lik that they are selling their product through a little nudity ..........

sory if any 1 hurt due to  these videos .............

Hi Waqar,

You are right when you said that they are trying to catch their audience selling nudity instead of quality.However, it doesn't come as a surprise, considering that the Media is and have always been a commercial business. The news are currently been selected by PR's and not by Journalists. TV owners, printed and online media, they do have an interest to attract the consumers and, violence and nudity, unfortunatelly "sell more" than regular news. There are lots of research on the issue and the Media relies on Psychologists research, which confirm it as well. The medical community has reportedly expressed their concern in relation to the impact that it might have on children.

Therefore, it is not only the responsibility of news channels, but also the Government. Unfortunately, the Media sometimes abuse of the idea of "freedom of expression" and the negative impact of it, are difficult to grasp, as individual people experience things in different ways. In that sense, the burden to protect children of the harmful effects of the Media, relies on parents and educators. On the other hand, it is also a consumer's responsibility to choose which channels they are going to watch. Selection is very important! However, it is only possible to select when you do have a variety of choices, in that case, there is not much to do and the viewer is responsible.

In cases where the consumer doesn't  have a choice, for instance in small places where people only have access to one or two channels, or a single newspaper, then the Media has to adjust to the local culture and of course, there might be some code of conduct or legislation in place.

In Denmark, nudity and violence aren't  a big issue. If you turn the TV on at any time of the day, you will see scenes of nudity and violence. TV commercials here, often depict nudity in an ironic, funny and quite acceptable way for the society we live in.

What about Pakistan, do you Journalists and other Media professionals have a code of conduct? Do you have Media laws in place?




that will be interesting to read i cant wait. meanwhile the issue of nudity in the media which probably makes use of women (worse hit actors) though men are used not to the extend of women, tends to portray women in society as tools for entertainment much to the advantage of their male counterparts. this speaks volumes of who a woman is tends to create a bad perception and derogates the status of a woman. watch out for my next article, "schooling minds about women in society". here i will try to touch the social, economic, political beings of a woman with supporting verses of some holy books, Quaran, Bible etc and how they talked about her,  

I agree with you all. Its more to do with the changing dimensions of media ecology and the psychology of both the industry and the audiences.

Hi Monisa,

As you know there are lots of things going on and our perception of what is good and wrong mostly depends of our background, the culture we have and as you said the environment where the Media issues are taking place. We can't generalize and impose our oppinion to different people in different societies. I was born in Brazil and even when I lived among Brazilians, I have noticed that people had different oppinions and according the places where they came from, or even the social class and education, they were more or less tolerant to nudity and violence in the Media. In The Netherlands, where people say they are the most tolerant people in the world, however, they were intollerant to Brazilian way to expose themselves almost naked during the carnival parades in Rio de Janeiro. In Denmark, they are tollerant to nudity on TV, at schools, but it is quite limitted to nudity in an artistic way. However, in everyday life, the Danish is still very shy and even during summer I haven't seen yet the kind of nudity or sexuality that Brazilians are used to in the streets, the beach or on TV. Africans for instance, are very exhuberant and transpire sexuality but in many African countries nudity on TV is quite a taboo, meaning  ban or an inhibition resulting from social custom or emotional aversion. Well, violence is a very simillar issue. Therefore, I think we have to be moderate and carefull when dealing with those issues. I had to adjust myself every time I have moved to a different country. For instance, in Ireland, they are catholics, and they all like to marry and have quite a conservative life, but newspapers in Ireland, are quite openly showing nudity on their front pages. Well, enough food for thought for today. I still have to publish an article on the subject but I hope we get more reactions and that people mention where they are coming from, so we know in the future how to deal with the different oppinions of people in different countries. Thanks for joining us. Eliana

The point still remains that nudity irrespective of culture is a kind of mockery act to create fund and entertain society. It's never a continuous daily lifestyle and that is why it is done at a particular time period. If we begin to tolerate almost everything as social beings, no, beings of reason, there will not be difference between the classes of animals, even George O'Well's Animal farm, four legs is good, infact better than two legs. That book sets the tone for classes as referred to by Eliana, still nudity in the media is embarrassing to human kingdom and the pleasures to which we might be moderately assuming lifestyles.

Hi Npong,


I am really happy for your quick reply as you gave me the opportunity to say that it was not intended to be personal, or offensive to other culture, specially not yours. Africa is a giant place and there are different cultures there, much more than we have here in Europe and I have many friends from Africa. Therefore, it took me long time to write on the subject, it is a sensitive issue.


When people ask me where I come from, it usually takes a bit of time for me to answer, because I have been everywhere. I'm a traveller, a citizen of the world, that is how I like to see myself. I hate to see things from only one perspective and I am very critical of  culturalism as much as nationalism. Therefore, you will never see me holding the flag or flags of only one country. I have brothers and sisters everywhere.


In Brazil, we are proud to say that each one of us have a bit of Europe, Asia and Africa in our bloed. As in all discussions, I was just giving my personal oppinion, which might be wrong or right and you don't have to agree with me.


 I see that you are very passionate on the question of "nudity and violence" and it is a positive thing, considering all the things you have mentioned before, and I do agree that we have to have limits, specially when dealing with children, we should not forget they are Media consumers and do need us adults to wish for moderate use of violence and nudity in our printed and visual media. Taking into consideration that the Media is a product of our society, and we are educating ourselves to accept freedom of thought and expressions, people are becoming "naked", in the sense that we are open to see life the way it is without masks. Therefore, nudity in the Media is somehow a symbolism of our freedom, a protest to strict, authocratic forms of oppression. However, the worse kind of opression is not from religion or governments is our own mind, our taboos and conformism.


Just to give you an idea about cultural differences, even though my father was a catholic, he had avery laid-back attitude and use to tell a critical story about catholicism and Brazilian catholic relations to the  Virgin Mary. It is about the the controversial dillema that religious people have in relation to our acts on earth and the struggle to live a life that will prevent us to go to purgatory  when we die. According the fable, a puritan had the privillege to go to heaven. When he arrived, he saw the Virgin Mary totally naked but with her eyes covered. The puritan then, asked his guardian angel, if that wasn't considered impurity? The answer was: "the impurity that you see is simply in the eye of the beholder".


Nevertheless, if we generalize and say that " nudity irrespective of culture is a kind of mockery act to create fund and entertain society", I think we are forgetting that even our children have the right to be educated about these  issues.


Our artists have the right to portray it and journalists, that want to portray reality, cannot avoid to show it.  Anatole Grunwald's quote is closer to my heart: “Journalism can never be silent: that is the greatest virtue and its greatest fault. It must speak and speak immediately, while the echhoes of wonder, the claims of triumph and the signs of horror are still in the air”. If you want to be fair to society you cannot hide the truth.Picasso for instance, became famous for portraying the attrocities in the Spain of his time, through Guernica. Nudity was also one of Picasso's favorite theme. If we consider nudity and sexuality as natural aspects of humans, than we cannot say that it is all "mockery" or whichever negative word we'll find to picture it.


Furthermore, Npong, I think you are an excellent writer and a journalist, and it is an honour to see your comments, however, I always try to talk about things in general without mentioning names. We are humans and we can only write about things we know.


When I've mentioned Africa, Brazil, Denmark, Ireland and The Netherlands, these are places which are very close to my heart. I've been there and I have experienced many things as a foreigner, which were good and bad. I do now, I cannot generalize. It is just to give the reader a picture of the places and the people I know. It is not intended to be offesive, it is just how I have experienced. I am not talking about the people, I am talking about myself. I've spoken about my own experience and how I have learnt, in a very hard way, not be judgemental about other cultures.

However, I grew up appreciating art and even in the strict religious catholic society I came from, nudity and art were accepted. Personal nudity was a different story and I am personally not a "nudity fan" and in many aspects, such as torture, it is against human's dignity.


I think it is a good thing to have intercultural dialogues (as we are having now),  meet other people from different backgrounds. I have done that and I realize that most of the things I thought were wrong or right, were cultural prejudices. Therefore, I think that nudity and violence can be accepted or criticized depending of the context. It also depends of which society we belong, where we are in place and time.


I think that we all need to be critical and we all need education. Education, not only in the sense of which curriculum our national schools have, but education from national and international level. Only then, we can find common sense.


Again, I apologise for any misinterpretation as these are my views and they aren't meant to offend people. I actually like to learn from other cultures and I can only speak about mine, and my perception of the world. I am a good listener, I am open to change my mind, if you use the right arguments.


Right now, I am concerned about freedom of expression and education as these things expand our minds and move us to a better future.


Iam looking forward to hearing from the community. Constructive criticism, agreement or disagreement  are always welcome!



March 11, 2012

Sorry, my dear Eliana, all that is going on is about personal feeling and opinion i am just hoping that it is not getting personal anyway. i do agree with you that what he see and read about nudity and violence in the media is an indication how freedom had grown to. but the fact still remains that we in the media should not continue to hype this immorality.

Hi Npong,

Where are you in Africa? I can imagine that you have reasons to be concerned. I wish I could be there to see what you see. I believe you are witness of abuses that perhaps do not happen here in Denmark. In that sense, I am with you. How can I help you? Should we organize a trip with a couple of journalists and members of the EJC to study and address the issues you are talking about? I wish we could, some how find financial aid for a project like this. You would then be invited to Denmark and we could exchange thoughts and views of both world. What do you think of it? I would be delighted to see that our discussions are heading for a better understanding of society and create awareness about these and other issues of concern, where the Media plays an unprecedent role in life-changing habits, with good and bad consequences for society as whole.

good idea, reporting exchange programme, study trips. that will help us better understand enormity of the issue and informed us the better way to advocate changes. as women's rights advocates, i will want to see some changes in the media relating to women's/human dignity. we can not continue to pretend we appreciate such things while we condemned prostitution and indecency. let's see how that works out, that will be a good project.

i have witnessed my mum and other women abused in the name of culture (widowhood rite). Yes ooo i am in Africa (Ghana) to be precise

Eliana thanks for that wonderful idea we have roles to change the society, do you know i love Gandhi, the father of India nation?, 

Hi Npong,

I am glad you shared my thoughts.This is great news!

We will talk soon and plan how can we organize such

an interesting project.

Have a nice day,



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