I like the concept Peace Journalism, a new type of journalism that discards objectivity the traditional basic tenet of journalism replacing it with fairness and accuracy and giving voice to all parties in the conflict. Its advocates Johan Galtung, Jake Lynch etc are promoting P.J which is a good idea coz the Rwanda genocide, Post conflict violence in Kenya, the Balkan war etc were all fuelled by war journalists. Peace advocates put emphasis of peace reporting to take root in post conflict countries eg Africa etc. I am wondering if they also thought about the various draconian media laws for instance in Uganda the Anti Terrorism Act that intimidates journalists by labeling them ‘terrorists’ when they give voice to the ‘enemy’ this is punishable by death sentence and increases self censorship among journalists. In my view this advocacy should set trend in Western democracies that have free media laws to see the likes of BBC, New York Times media improve their reportage in the global conflicts.

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Interesting concept Alice, I did not know about it. Thanks for sharing.

I found this link: http://www.peacejournalism.org/Welcome.html

We should find an idea to promote this kind of journalism as well :-)


I am from the Balkan, the country is called Albania, and the capital is Tirana. This is exactly where i am from.
Reading your post, it did truly send me back 12 years back or more. Especially when the Serbs invated Kosovo which used to be a part of Albania, and is 88% populated with Albanians. And you know what i remember from that war? Journalists making it even worse than what already was. NONE of the articles "screamed" for peace, none of the journalists stood for peace, i felt they all were "happy" that had this big story to write about, until it got old... and the victims of Kosovo where left in the dark by everyone. When Kosovo needed the journalists they were not there! We all know what war is, so, thanks very much for the millions and thousands articles they were about the devastated war between Serbia-Kosovo, but who stood there to write about the LOVE these people needed after words? Just a few! That is when i decided i wanted to become a journalist, to make those few one number bigger. I did graduate from University of Illinois in Journalism, but i do not practice it, because in the long years of university, i lost trust in it... So, now with a Masters in Children Psychology i work with kids, it makes me feel at peace with myself at least. Good post, made me think! Keep it up!

I see what you are saying, there should not be such an astounding number of articles done on the war and so little done on peace. Yes people do need to know what goes on in war but they also need to see the outcome after the peace treaty is signed. But the war journalists is not such a bad thing. It opens up the eyes of the people to the bad things that happen during times of war, it gives recognition to soldiers fighting that war, plus credit must go to the bravery of the journalists who actually go and put themselves in danger to do their jobs. With the ways that wars are being fought today I can see how war journalists have trouble getting their stories and to me that is bad because war should not be a secret. The peace writers also serve a very good purpose, they show the aftermath so that maybe people people will realize how war is not like it use to be and to many innocent people are being brought into wars that have nothing to do with them. Terrorists have no honor and that not only makes it to unsafe for our soldiers and journalists but also for the citizens of the countries involved.  

Hey Alice,

I'm glad you posted this topic, since I recently came across the concept of peace journalism while doing research for a course I am taking on conflict resolution. You already mentioned Johan Galtung and Jake Lynch, and I wanted to add that the former has founded the TRANSCEND organisation. It strives to promote peace and does do via different channels, one of which being peace journalism: http://www.transcend.org/tms/about-peace-journalism/ The TRANSCEND Media Service encourages journalists to contribute their peace-oriented views and news analyses.

I will have to write a bachelor's thesis next semester in order to graduate, and I am actually considering delveing into this topic.


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