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Fear, the magic ingredient that sets things in motion

By Rodica Pricop in Bucharest

Following President Basescu’s surprising announcement about the withdrawal of the Healthcare Law, we have found out the ingredient that can convince the authorities to open a dialogue with the people from which they have distanced themselves so much in the last three years. Deaf and dumb to the dramatic daily reality, the authorities only lowered their tune when feeling their chairs shaking.

Since 2009 until last week, the privileged partners of…


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Being a Zambian in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Dec. 20 - It is fair enough to claim that I am well travelled and exposed to different cultures and traditions but for the first time in my many errands in different parts of the world I feel like a real non-native.

It is my first time to be in Bangladesh, a South Asian state that was formerly East Pakistan until it claimed its independence on December 16, 1971. It is bordered by India on all sides except for a small border with Burma (Myanmar) to the far southeast and…


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Turkey looks to prevent slide towards sectarianism in the Middle East

A little over a year after the Arab uprisings in the Middle East began, fears that Turkey's southern periphery could be descending into sectarian polarisation -- even conflict -- are mounting.

Syria and Iraq, two countries whose internal problems could have spill-over effects on the entire region, are of particular concern to Turkey.

Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has gone so far as to warn that increasing polarisation in sectarian-fragile Syria and rising Sunni-Shia…


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Laghman holds public trial

LAGHMAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan – A public trial was held at the Laghman Provincial Governor’s compound Jan. 9, for two Afghan citizens arrested in November for possessing more than 2,000 lbs. of ammonium nitrate. Defendant Shah Qand was sentenced to six years in prison for violating Article 23 of the…


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Local Afghans turn in IEDs and Caches to Chosin Soldiers

ZHARAY DISTRICT, KANDAHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan -Local villagers in the

Zharay District have recently become more involved in the security of

their own areas.  Soldiers in Attack Company, 1st Battalion, 32nd

Infantry Regiment have actively promoted an incentive initiative in the

Zharay District, which provides a reward to locals that helps increase

safety in the District by turning in weapons, Improvised Explosive

Devices and providing information on insurgent…


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The actions of many save the life of one

On the evening of November 12th Sgt. Adam Lundy found himself in the ROLE 3 hospital at Kandahar Airfield (KAF). Just two hours prior, Lundy, an Alliance, Neb. native, was on patrol in the western side of Panjwa'i District, when his platoon struck several IEDs. Suffering multiple shrapnel wounds, he was MEDEVACed to Role 3 medical facility for further assessment. In spite of having received shrapnel wounds to his face, arms, and torso, he was listed in good condition and was able to walk…


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Thoughts by a Hungarian to the European Parlament Civil Liberties Committee debates on Hungary's controversial laws

Minibooks of the Charter of Fundamental Rights...
Image via Wikipedia

Interesting debate developed out yesterday in the…


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EU Rep Hails Malaysia's Judiciary System Following Anwar Verdict

SINGAPORE, Jan 10 (Bernama) -- Catherine Ashton, the European Union's High

Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the

European Commission, has hailed the integrity of Malaysia's judiciary system in

light of its verdict to acquit Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on a sodomy charge.…


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Welfare state replaced by the ‘slim’ state

Last year, President Traian Basescu was accusing European leaders of lacking the courage to tell their nations that the welfare state was dead. Romanians, insufficiently educated about their rights and lacking a strong civic sense has stoically endured the austerity measures pushed by Cotroceni and the government with IMF’s contribution and has not resisted cuts and the gradual restriction of fundamental rights (equal access to education, medical services, justice etc.) as other nations…


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End Game Approaches on Nuclear Iran

I would only to like inform that my new post End Game Approaches on Nuclear Iran

was published today in my main…


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2011 unbeatable record year of events

Another 8 days old year is here. The one we adored recently with funfair, while we were soaked with whiskys, beer, chicken and sea foods we also went on shopping spree buying from toys to gift cards and chocolates.

Well i dont know how you welcomed 2012 and good bye 2011, some did this by spending at least half of their total savings on food and drinks, toys and gift cards but i did it with care, reflecting on how i will hope not to carry over old characters to the new…


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Navigating through Dhaka

Dhaka, Jan. 06 - The transport system in Dhaka is not something you will find in Lusaka, Zambia or any other part of the world.


Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city has an acute shortage of transport. The road network is limited. It seems there are as many modes of transport as is the population. The road is as chock blocked as the various transport objects available in this city.


Movement from one place to the other is not easy at all. It takes…


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Italy's never ending horror: national daily publishes pictures of Sarah Scazzi's corpse

The murder of Sarah Scazzi was covered by the Italian press obsessively since the opening of the case. 

With the national and local press increasingly taking over the task of the police authorities, no one knows yet who was responsible for the murder and three people are currently being investigated after spending several months in jail awaiting trial. 

The Italian media circus did not stop here and today the national daily CORRIERE DELLA SERA published a photo gallery of the…


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Dry spell worries wheat growers in Taxila, adjourning areas

By Malik Usman Aziz

The persistent prolonged dry spell has rendered standing wheat crop in Taxila and adjacent areas of this Potohar region vulnerable to a slow growth and disease attacks causing great resentment among the farmers. As an unexpected dry spell is posing threats to the standing wheat crop in Taxila, and Hassanabdal which is un-irrigated (arid) area has exposed thousands of wheat growers to threats…


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