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Navigating through Dhaka

Dhaka, Jan. 06 - The transport system in Dhaka is not something you will find in Lusaka, Zambia or any other part of the world.


Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city has an acute shortage of transport. The road network is limited. It seems there are as many modes of transport as is the population. The road is as chock blocked as the various transport objects available in this city.


Movement from one place to the other is not easy at all. It takes…


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Italy's never ending horror: national daily publishes pictures of Sarah Scazzi's corpse

The murder of Sarah Scazzi was covered by the Italian press obsessively since the opening of the case. 

With the national and local press increasingly taking over the task of the police authorities, no one knows yet who was responsible for the murder and three people are currently being investigated after spending several months in jail awaiting trial. 

The Italian media circus did not stop here and today the national daily CORRIERE DELLA SERA published a photo gallery of the…


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Dry spell worries wheat growers in Taxila, adjourning areas

By Malik Usman Aziz

The persistent prolonged dry spell has rendered standing wheat crop in Taxila and adjacent areas of this Potohar region vulnerable to a slow growth and disease attacks causing great resentment among the farmers. As an unexpected dry spell is posing threats to the standing wheat crop in Taxila, and Hassanabdal which is un-irrigated (arid) area has exposed thousands of wheat growers to threats…


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Lectii de viata

Intr-o maniera sau alta, fiecare dintre noi facem rezumatul, bilantul, retrospectiva anului care tocmai a trecut. Fiecare avem propria unitate de masura pentru a cuantifica bucuriile, dezamagirile, succesele sau esecurile. Personal, am considerat intotdeauana aceasta perioada a anului ca fiind cea mai prielnica pentru a face un pas inapoi si pentru a privi mai tihnit catre noul an in care pasim. 
Anul acesta, citind retrospectivele mondiale, am realizat ca poate ar fi mai bine…

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Climate Change ‘fights’ rice farmers in Northern Ghana “Rice production in to reduce by 36 per cent, farmers abandoned their fields due to lack of rains”

 A Ghana News Agency Feature by Albert Oppong-Ansah


     Tamale, Dec. 30, GNA - Thousands of people in the southern part of Ghana wailed when they lost properties worth several millions of Ghana Cedis and 14 human lives following a seven hour torrential rainfall in October this year.


     The devastating flood cut-off electricity and telecommunication supply in many areas and forced the closure of schools and shops in the Accra and Tema metropolitan…


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Labour Pains of Women in the Wilderness

An estimated 7,900 women die each year from preventable and treatable causes during pregnancy and childbirth in Kenya, while many more suffer disabling injuries such as obstetric fistula while giving life. Kenya is among the 13 African countries with a maternal mortality ratio of less than 500 deaths per 100,000 live births

‘In this 21st century, when medical science and gender empowerment are rising progressively, “no woman should die giving life”, declares Thoraya Ahmed Obaid,…


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EU’s development policy, challenges and dilemmas

By Rodica Pricop

Last weekend in Warsaw, the EU representatives together with leaders and activists from Africa, Asia-Pacific and Asia as well as Nobel Peace Prize winners debated the state of play of human rights and democracy in the world during the EU Development Days, organized by the Polish Presidency of the 27-member block. The major debates revolved around the Arab Spring and the way in which aid for development can lead to democracy, good governance and human rights. The forum…


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“Television” a Bad Friend of Children

“Television” a Bad Friend of Children


Media refers to various means of communication e.g television, radio and newspapers are different types of media. Now media is considered more…


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Visa Survey: Europe, Top Pick of Wealthy Tourists to Celebrate Xmas Holidays

 By Tengku Noor Shamsiah Tengku Abdullah

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Renowned News Fabricator, Stephen Glass, Claims He Now Wants to be a Lawyer

It has been recently reported that Stephen Glass, a former journalist, whose career fell to pieces after it was discovered that most of his stories…


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Presenting Blottr: The People Powered News Source

In a world where citizen journalism is becoming more and more prevalent and seemingly simpler, do you often find yourself wondering, “What kind of resources are out there that can help me get started?” 


Well, look no further! Recently, I came across a fantastic citizen…


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Is Macedonia facing another ethnic war!?

In this century of technological wonders and civilized societies you would think that images like these are a thing of the past and the only war is the one won through means of diplomacy and a lot of talking. It turns out that in my lovely country called Macedonia, things are not so civilized after all.



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Usage of Judiciary in Accessing Basic Human Needs and Rights by Syed Naeem Uddin October 3, 2011

A large number of the countries in developing world are plagued by corruption, violence and

incapable governments. The current generation has grown with a sense of injustice from

enforcement agencies, people’s lack of awareness and lack of access to the justice. There

justice. The most corrupt and critical mechanism of the troubled states are the law are many…


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Slap Biz politics: What's the future?

When a commoner named Harvinder Singh slapped Union Agriculture minister and a seasoned politician Sharad Pawar, as he was returning from a public function on the 24th of November 2011, the nation glued to their television sets shockingly as most of the electronic channels played the shot again and again. Mind you this was the third such attack in recent weeks. Few days back, Prasant Bhusan, a member of team Anna and a noted lawyer was beaten by an unknown person for his alleged comments on…


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Funding Alert! Announcing a New Documentary Journalism Fund!

Hey all you video journalists! You don't want to miss this. This is for YOU:

Amsterdam, November 23rd 2011 – Today at IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam) a major new partnership was announced at a panel dedicated to the discussion of new funding.  The Bertha Foundation is investing in BRITDOC's future, joining the Board of Directors and launching two new funds worth £1.5 million…


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Journalists and bloggers from ex-USSR countries speak out: Highlights from the Forum of European and Asian Media

On November 21-22 the 6th Forum of European and Asian Media (FEAM) was held in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Over 250 top managers, editors, journalists and bloggers from traditional and new media of CIS countries, the Baltic states, and Georgia shared their views and opinions. Here are some of the highlights from the forum as tweeted in English. Hope you will find them useful.…


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Turkey vs. Iran: The Battle for Influence

Even before the Arab Spring, the Turkish government has been carefully positioning itself to emerge as a new regional hegemon, hoping to play an even more critical role in Iraq and the larger Middle East. The U.S. plans to withdraw all combat forces from Iraq by the years end while nations of the Arab Spring—Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya—face the challenge of nascent governments, post-revolution reforms, and violence including in Syria along Turkey’s own borders. A distinct power vacuum is…


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Occupy the Budget

Occupy the Budget

By Rodica Pricop

The government is preparing for the adoption of the poorest budget after 2008, next week. An austerity budget, revised and approved by the IMF, whose target is to achieve a drastic cut of public expenditure in order to secure a deficit of 1.9 per cent of GDP. The only problem is that the burden of austerity is not going to be equally shared between everybody…


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Zambian Couple In Leaked Porn Video Risks Jail

A young Zambian female student at the prestigious Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) in the capital city, Lusaka, risks being sent to jail for five years along with her male partner with whom she filmed a sex video which found its way onto a hardcore pornographic website.

The couple and those who shared the link to the porn website are now being…


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Ghana strives to meet MDGs maternal health target

By Albert Oppong-Ansah- 



Tamale (Ghana) Nov. 12, Xinhua-Antenatal care from health professionals increased from 92 percent in 2003 to 95 percent as at 2008, however, geographical differences in the components of antenatal care persist.

In the Northern Region, for example, only 47 percent of the women were provided with information on signs of pregnancy complications compared to that of the 90 percent in Western Region.

The proportion of women who…


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