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How are you Europe? Can you recover?


We are facing these days a never seen EU and EURO financial, economical and social crisis due to several factors like China economy impact, weakness of certain EU countries' economy, industry, high autocracy, bureaucracy, high spending, high indebtedness, overall observable dramatically increase of living costs, energy costs, almost everything, while salaries, incomes are standing on the same historical level. The aging EU society is also a big problem.




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Vote My participation in POETRY FOR PEACE CONTEST / U.N.

Cascade of memoires 

Shade teardrops fell down the eyes, 
Caressing the memoires of a moisture future. 

Though the thys to the upstanding sky 
Yelled for the loneliness of an angel 
Who begged for peoples' healing. 

Wrinkles, same the hectares of cedars 
Blowing the windy silence far away, 
Doves and pigeons wounded in an open of boundaries sky.…

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If conflicts of interest hurt our credibility, why are always dealing with them?

As calls to the Society of Professional Journalists ethics hotlines have come in over the past year, it’s clear to me one area of ethics has distanced itself from the rest in terms of concerns, questions and complaints. That is conflicts of interest.

While much that needs to be said on this subject can be found in the “Act Independently” section of the SPJ Ethics Code, the concept of remaining independent from outside influences seems to evade more and more journalists these days.… Continue

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what Australia media inquiry means to Murdoch world

. . .




London : Yet fresher scandal embroils Murdoch…


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Deformed Children are being killed in Ghana

by Albert Oppong- Ansah


Three-year old John the Baptist, who hails from Gnani, a community in the Yendi Municipality of the Northern Region, was born with a vein defect.


At the age of two, John’s parents wrapped him in white cloths and left him beside a public refuse dump.   His…


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The Guardian's open newsroom experiment

The Guardian announced the opening of a two weeks experiment which will invite readers to follow the work of their newsroom online. 

Readers will be able to comment and contribute on story pitches currently under development, as the website explains.


A step towards transparency in the media or a clever strategy to increase the pool of information journalists can…


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Poor Waiter Seeks Help For Treatment Of Cancer

By: Usman Aziz Malik

A 21 year’s old young man who works as waiter in a tea stall called upon Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilliani, Chairman Pakistan Baait ul Mall and NGO to provide him free treatment for his aliment of cancer to save the lone bread earner of his family from the clinches of slow but painful death.

Abdul Khalil, a resident of Bun Bhola village, a remote area of the city and working as waiter at a tea stall is losing hope of the life with each passing day as he…


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Sub-Saharan Africa Woman and climate change mitigation,

Due to food crisis brought about by climate change, some parents in sub-Saharan Africa are painfully marrying off their daughters to secure dowry for survival in what is known here in Kenya as ‘famine Marriages’. Again ongoing droughts has worsened civil conflicts in volatile zone and fight for water and pasture, the little resources available has made the nomad communities literally go into hunting one another. With the extended climate vagaries, pasture and water resources are…


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The same species

     Europe is all about diversity and non-discrimination in any way. However, the problem arises when you have small traditional countries that don’t wish to change anything in their society and culture and want things to stay as they are, but still want to progress in the next century with those same beliefs. Ever… Continue

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India launched 50$ tablet PC

India just launched 50$ tablet pc to cater its students and increase literacy rate which is 62% till date. The tablet PC is Adroid 2.2 tablet with 7" touch screen. The Indian Government will purchased 100,000 tablet pc & will distribute it in schools at 50% discounted rates to the students.

What I feel with this tablet pc the web based media including news channels will get big leap in India. There are few private companies in india who have plans to make available wifi coverage…


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It's a colorful world

       I have always lived in my birth country and despite all the problems we have here I simply can’t imagine myself living or wanting to live anywhere else. For me this small comfortable piece of land, no matter how hopeless it may seem it is sometimes, this is home. I don’t travel much, mainly because of the bad economic state that our society has been facing, well, ever since we became an independent country. Also because up until very recently we could not leave the country so easily…


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New to the EJC Community


I've just gotten involved in the online journalism community and am trying to discover what's happening in order to be able to learn and get involved properly. I accept any help with pleasure. Thanks! 

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Losing identity

Bedey people, a nomadic community also known as “Water Gypsy” or “River Gypsy”, are still found living in 44 districts in Bangladesh, carrying on with a different culture, social system and livelihood. According to their own estimate, there are around 500,000 Bedeys around the country. Although a moderately large community, Bedeys are still deprived from proper education, health services, access to public resources; they even prefer not to be identified as Bedey…


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Went to the cinema three times this week...

...two of the movies might very well interest you!


"The Ambassador"


When was the last time a documentary about poor Africa sold out a large cinema in pre-premiere? (In fact, when was the last time you considered if to watch a documentary about poor Africa or not since your TV channel scheduled it for just about when you got home from work or about 1½ hours after you planned to go to sleep?) Mads Brügger has done something really crazy with his…


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If you go by bike

      Recently I noticed that there is a huge difference between countries concerning transportation. My personal favorite is my bike, my feet or public transport in the winter. The thing that most people would say is, yes, I do not own a car because I have no money, but I do have a driving license I am just having…


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Knocking at Schengen door with invisible bacteria Editorial

On the 1st of January 2007, Romania became a member state of the European Union. Former Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn himself was saying that Romania’s accession was a political decision rather than one mainly resulting from the fulfilment of entry criteria. Since then, the EU has learnt its lesson and has given up accepting any new members on pre-set dates, but only when the applicant is truly and fully prepared. It is also true that other states that had joined the bloc before Romania…


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Journalist awarded for best work for Gandhara art and culture

A journalist body has awarded Amjad Yousaf Zai, a senior journalist ofTaxila in recognition of his service for Gandhara art and culture andhighlighting issues related  to minorities.Taxila, Wah Union of Journalists (TWUJ) has awarded stringer of anational English daily for his over 14 years services for thepromotion, safeguarding and highlighting rich archaeological cultureof ancient Gandhara culture, inter faith harmony and highlightingissues of the minorities in English press. Renowned… Continue

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The Kanun

The Kanun (or Kanuni in its defined form in Albanian) is a set of traditional Albanian laws. It was first codified in the 15th century but the use of it has been outspread much earlier in time. It used under that form until the 20th century, and revived recently after the fall of the communist regime in the early 1990s. Although Kanuni is attributed to the Albanian prince Lekë Dukagjini, the rules evolved over time as a way to bring laws and rule to these lands. The code was divided…


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Paris Fourm adopt Journalists Safety Plan

Participants at a United Nations forum that met in Paris have drafted an action plan to improve the safety of journalists and ensure that crimes committed against them do not go unpunished.

More than 500 media professionals have been killed in the course of their duties over the past decade, according to the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which hosted last week's forum.

It points out that many more have been assaulted, abducted, sexually…


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The Fourth Business Innovation Conference, Greater Chicago, USA

Adam Hecktman, Ann Kalayil, Braden Kelley and Margarita Quihuis among keynote speakers at the fourth Business Innovation Conference to be held at IIT Rice Campus, Oct 10 – 12, 2011


Wheaton, IL September 8, 2011 - The 4th annual Business Innovation Conference 2011 will conduct its three-day program from October 10-12. The conference includes an outstanding roster of keynote speakers and over 20 other presenters speaking on a wide range of business innovation topics,…


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