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Heisenberg uncertainty principle in defense of news agency reporting

On both sides of the communications barricades news agency reporting is often compared to producing commodities. At RIA Novosti top editors often use the phrase 'sausage factory' to illustrate our way of making newswires. There are two strong points in favor of such approach – consistency of content and balance of its accuracy.

Heisenberg uncertainty…


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The story behinds, a free portfolio service for journalists

I launched last month after finding that there was no easy way to collate my cuttings together online. It offers journalists a free, easy-to-use and beautiful way to showcase their work – here’s a quick overview of how I did it.


I’d never describe myself as a coder – I’m a journalist fascinated by technology, a bit of a geek maybe, but definitely not a programmer. If you asked me to write an iterative…


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Zambian President Orders Attorney-General To Reign In News Websites

Zambia's new government wants to have all online news publications registered by government.

President Michael Sata, less than two months in power, has ordered his newly sworn in Attorney-General to ensure that all online publications are registered, according to the Zambian Watchdog, itself an online publication but has never been in good books with the now ruling party from its days in…


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Zambia's new government's first budget full speech

The Zambian minister of finance, Alexander Chikwanda, on Friday November 11, 2011, presented the new Patriotic Front (PF) government's first budget. Here is a PDF file of the budget speech.

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The governor’s wisdom

The European Union and the financial markets have been given not a single moment of respite this week either. The centre of crisis and all fears has now moved from Greece to Italy. The yields on Italian government bonds on Wednesday came close to bursting through the critical 7,5 per cent mark, the highest since the introduction of the euro ten years ago, calling for a new European Central Bank intervention.

On Wednesday, Italy’s situation was seemingly even worse than Greece’s, where…


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Kworli People cries for Help

Health assistance in the labour ward. The front view of the health center, with some animals.

The dilapidated Junior High School Block…


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deaths of journalist in pakistan

Young journalist found dead in Khuzdar PAKISTAN



PAKISTAN CITY QUETTA:  Javed Naseer Rind’s name was added to the list of more than 10 journalists whose bodies have been found tortured and dumped in Balochistan.

Said to be in his mid-twenties, Rind’s bullet-riddled body was found dumped in Khuzdar, about 300 kilometers south of Quetta, on Saturday morning. He was a senior sub editor at a local daily Tawar, a…


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An unexpected shelter for victims of violence and orphans


Faith-based spaces are usually a shelter for  people’s souls, where they to let their spirit fly, pray,or meditate. But in this case, the  Buddhist “Bo De Pagoda” in Hanoi, Vietnam, goes beyond that. This Pagoda (or temple) is a place that serves not only as a praying/meditation centre, as it is also a shelter for victims of GBV gender based violence (in…


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Media War of Yugoslav Secession continues


Who needs facts if a good story is available?” (Ari Rusila)

A few weeks ago I…


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Another Side Of Care.



Another Side Of  Care.



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…and the poor get poorer

One of the most debatable topics in Bangladesh is, perhaps, whether poverty is a blessing or a curse.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the UK’s Department of International Development (DFID) are jointly running one of the biggest development projects in Bangladesh, titled ‘Urban Partnerships for Poverty Reduction’ (UPPR) which began in 2008. The local and international associates in this project are the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Local Government…


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End of money – end of democracy?

by Rodica Pricop

Greek Prime-Minister George Papandreou’s decision to hold a referendum on the single currency rescue deal adopted by European leaders a week ago, after a marathon of heated negotiations, has caused panic in the world’s capitals as well as on financial markets.  Everywhere from Athens, Geneva, Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid to New York,…


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Population increase affects environment in Ghana




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The great Indian middle class arrives- Is that enough

An article 'Protests awaken a Goliath in India' in the New York Times feels that the great Indian middle class which till recently were dismissed as apathetic towards electoral politics seems to have awakened from their slumbers and no longer appears  apathetic towards politics. The article goes on to attribute this change of attitude to the Anna Hazare movement.

Indeed, the Anna Hazare movement which later became 'I am Anna' movement' saw thousands of professionals, college students,…


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Tamale Teaching Hospital records 11 deliveries to mark World Population Day

The Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) recorded 11 births in the early hours of Monday, October 31, 2011 as the world’s population is expected to hit the seven billion figure today.

Six male and five female babies were born through normal deliveries without any complications, Dr Patrick Adike, House Officer at the TTH told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview at Tamale on Monday.

He said the trend of population growth yearly at the hospital increased from 7, 000 in 2010 to…


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Elmina Castle post slave trade - a wonder of the African World

Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Elmina Castle convinces with its powerful beauty and meaningful history in the Central Region of Ghana.

Elmina Castle, which was built in 1482 by the Portuguese, carried the nameSão Jorge da Mina and served as an important stop of the Atlantic slave trade.


Ghana was formerly known as Gold Coast where the…


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Legalization of National Youth Employment Programme in Ghana

Parliament has been urged to legalize the operation of the National Youth Employment Programme as given to the National Health Insurance Scheme.


The Deputy National Coordinator of Monitoring and Evaluation of the programme, Kwesi Holison, disclosed this to journalists in the region. He added that the programme has been bedeviled with financial challenges, saying unlike the National Health Insurance Scheme that is heavily supported by 21/2 vat tax element. He said it is…


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Medical treatment for 684 Ghanaian children

Volunteers made an impact on the lives of African children in Ghana's local communities

A glimpse of hope was given to 684 children by a unique medical outreach programme in the Central Region.

From malaria to malnutrition – the health problems of 684 young patients were treated in…


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Some worst air crashes of 2010

By: Usman Aziz Malik

                                         Some worst air crashes of 2010

On 25 Jan 2010…


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Images of humanity

I was taking one of my regular walks this morning with my two dogs. It has gotten a bit colder now so our walks are getting shorter. As I came down to the big fountain in the middle of the street I noticed something on the stairs, it looked like a small black fur ball wrapped up around its tiny body.…


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